The Most Expensive Snack I’ve Tasted

P625.00 Seriously?!!

From an all-day beach bumming, i finally felt the urge to eat.  And since I am a budget traveler, I thought of just ordering a snack (yes, an afternoon snack).  I said I’ll just have a sandwich and a fruit shake. It’s going to be a lot cheaper, and it’s healthy, that’s what I thought.  I would say I did not enjoy the food the much because it was nothing but a plain and ordinary bacon sandwich and a fries. Okay, i’d just say it’s fresh and healthy.

When I asked for the bill, I almost choke because of the price. It’s six hundred twenty pesos!!!

But then, i already finished the food so there is no point of thinking how expensive that snack was. Seems like the six-hundred twenty five peso-worth of snack is not so worth it after all.

Bacon Sandwich with french fries and Mango Shake (P625.00)

at Tambuli Beach Club (Mactan, Cebu)Image